How to open Au Small Finance Zero Balance Account Online


How to open Au Small Finance Zero Balance Account Online



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Today I am giving you information about how to open AU Small Finance zero balance account for free from your mobile or computer sitting at home.

Along with this, I will give complete information about the benefits of au small finance zero balance account, credit card, debit card, banking facility, maintenance charge, and interest.

Therefore, if all of you also want to open a small finance zero balance account sitting at home for free on the Internet, then you have come to the right place, read our post, you will get all the information about small finance zero balance account.

Some of the main benefits of au small finance zero balance account



Earn high interest up to 7.25 % * p.a. 

225+ offers on your favorite brands 

FREE Free unlimited online payments 

Enjoy a branch like experience with Video Banking

Paperless account opening service

Free charge with zero balance saving account 

Web portal and apps 

security and privacy

Ability to open Au small finance zero balance account


Age : 25 years and above

 Yearly Income: 6 Lakh+


 - Valid only original Aadhaar Card and PAN Card

 Customer's details in PAN and Aadhaar card should be same.

 - Mobile Number should be linked to Aadhaar Card

How to open Au Small Finance Zero Balance Account Online|Guide Step-By-Step


1. Click on our given link in the first step and follow the instructions

2. Add and verify the mobile number linked with Aadhaar . 

3. Enter PAN and agree to all the Terms & Conditions . 

4. Enter and verify the Aadhaar number using the OTP . 

5. Click on ' Click here to complete the application by yourself ' . 

6. Following details to be filled in correctly :

7. Verify all the details filled and accept all the Terms and Conditions . Click on confirm and proceed . 

8. Proceed to complete your KYC or schedule it later . 

9. Allow microphone , camera & location permissions to the web browser . 

10. Key things to note during video KYC : 

- Original PAN card and paper to be kept handy for verification . 

11. Live signatures are be done by the customer during VKYC . 

- Video KYC to be done by the customer only without any prompting 

- Customer should be alone in the room while doing Video KYC 

12. Personal details to be kept handy ( name , mobile , email , DOB , parent name , occupation details , etc. ) . 

Customer to explain in case permanent & current location is different .

How did the customer hear about the AU Savings Account ( your customers can inform that they were referred by their financial advisors ) . 

- Why does the customer wants to open an AU Savings Account ( please explain the benefits of the account to the customer ) . 

13. Your income gets credited during the payout cycle , based on the account opening by the customer . 

Note : - AU Savings Account VKYC agents are available only between 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday . 

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