Get your kotak 811 account in few minutes from your home


Get your kotak 811 account in few minutes from your home 


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Friends, today we are going to talk in detail about the zero balance account of kotak mahindra bank in this post.


Along with this, we are also going to tell that which documents are needed to open this bank account, and what is the process of getting its debit card and credit card, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Now you must have understood very well that what you are going to learn in this post today, so let's go ahead and know their details in detail.

Important documents required to open Kotak 811 zero balance account

Friends, first of all, some important documents are required to open a zero balance account in Kotak Mahindra bank, which is very important to know before opening a bank account, because without documents, accounts are not opened anywhere.

Friends, mainly two documents are required to open this bank account, in which the first is your Aadhaar card, second is your PAN card, as well as your mobile number should also be linked to your Aadhaar card.

Benefits available on Kotak 811 zero balance savings account: -



1. Zero Balance Savings Account - There is no extra other charges on account opening or maintenance in this bank.

2. Earn up to 4% interest per annum - After opening zero savings account in kotak mahindra bank, you get 4% interest every year on your money kept by the bank.

3. Free Virtual Debit Card loaded with offers - friends As you know the entire process on kotak mahindra 811 saving account is digital so the bank provides free virtual debit card with offers to the account holder.

4. Digital banking with online support - Kotak 811 provides completely digital facility to all and completely paperless facility at the time of opening an account.

5. No maintenance fees - The meaning is clear, friends, Kotak Mahindra Bank does not impose any extra charge on opening zero savings account or even after that.

Who can open 811 zero savings account?

1. Individuals of age 18 years and above - All banks set a qualification to open any type of account, so Kotak Mahindra Bank has also set a qualification to open the account of its rightful customer, in which the first rule,
This is that any person whose age is 18 years or above 18 years, the same person's account can be opened.

2. Resident Indian - This second point is also important, whoever wants to open an account, it is very important for them to be Indian, otherwise they cannot open the account, whether the method of opening the account is online or offline.

4. New customers only - Friends, the third thing is that your account should not be already in Kotak Mahindra Bank.

5. Valid Aadhar & PAN cards - Also your Aadhaar card and PAN card should be original and your mobile number should be linked with your Aadhaar.

Now let's know further how kotak Mahindra Bank account is opened in Zero Balance.

How to open 811 savings account in Kotak Mahindra Bank

There are mainly 2 ways to open 811 savings account in Friends Mahindra Bank.


1. The first option, almost everyone will know that you can open your account by giving your Aadhaar card and PAN card offline in about 20 minutes by going to any of your nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch.

 2. The second way is that you can open a zero balance account in Kotak Mahindra Bank in less than 10 minutes sitting at home from your mobile or computer.

Today I will tell you the second method step by step in this post and you can open your account sitting at home for free.

There is no maintenance charge on opening this account, let us explain in detail about it further.

How to open free bank account in kotak mahindra bank in zero balance

In this second method of ours, the account opening process is completely online and you can do this work sitting at home.

Below we are giving you the link to open a direct account, on which you can easily open an account with just one click.

First of all click on our given link and then follow the given instructions :-

1. Enter name, email id & phone number - First of all friends, click on the given link, as soon as you click, you will reach the section on the direct Kotak Mahindra Bank website where you have to first write your name as per Aadhaar card,  Then enter the email id and your phone number and click on the command button.

2. Add PAN & Aadhar details - Provide consent to authenticate via aadhar and agree to terms & conditions - In the second step you have to enter pan card and aadhar card details then click on button option to proceed further.

3. Enter OTP sent to mobile number linked with Aadhar - In the third step, the mobile number linked to the Aadhaar card whose details were entered in the above option, an OTP number will come, fill it and proceed by clicking on the option button.

4. Enter personal details like occupation, source of income, annual income, marital status etc.  and click on ' Next ' - In the fourth step you will have to fill some details like your personal, occupation, annual income, marital status etc., then you proceed by clicking on next

5. Confirm communication address fetched from Aadhar card.  You can fill a new address for full KYC OR select the same address as communication address - In the fifth option, your Aadhaar card details will be automatically fetched, in which you will have to click that your present address will be the communication address, if yes then click on yes.  

If not, then click on no, enter the new address and proceed by clicking on next.

6. In case address is not serviceable, add a new address for communications - In the sixth step, if your address is not fetching for communication, then enter a new address.

7. Add nominee (optional step).  
We recommend customers to add a nominee to their account - Your optional step in the seventh step is to add your nominee name and proceed further.

8. Read & confirm all self declarations - In the eighth step, you will get the option of self declaration, which you have to read it thoroughly and click on the confirm option to proceed.

9. Setup 6 digit MPIN - In the ninth step, you get the option to set a 6 digit MPIN, where you proceed by setting a 6 digit MPIN in your own way.

10. Virtual debit card gets generated (note that process is not completed yet).  

Some customers might get option to get a credit card against a fixed deposit , click on ' Skip ' or ' Claim card '  Proceed to complete.

11. Click on ' Complete Full KYC ' - Click on Complete Full KYC in 11th step and proceed

12. Upload PAN card copy, selfie and signature photo.  

Accept terms and conditions - Upload your PAN card, selfie, signature, photo in 12 th step and accept terms and conditions and proceed

13. Allow location access - To give location permission to your device in the thirteenth step, click on the allow button

 14. Video KYC:

     - Keep original PAN , blank paper & pen handy to complete video KYC

    - Allow permissions for microphone & video - To complete video kyc, click on allow button for permission of microphone and video to your device

Answer questions asked by the bank executive correctly (customer to answer on their own without any prompting)

By following our steps given above, you can easily open zero balance account in Kotak Mahindra Bank for free sitting at home.

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