Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards - What You Need to Know


Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards - What You Need to Know



Axis Bank, one of India's top banks, recently announced substantial adjustments to its credit card products, drawing the attention of credit cardholders. Five of the bank's credit cards have had their value reduced, which has an effect on their perks and incentives. The goal of this essay is to give you a thorough understanding of the changes, their effects, and everything you need to know as a cardholder.

Understanding Axis Bank's Decision

As market circumstances and consumer tastes change, Axis Bank has decided to reduce the value of five credit cards. The bank wants to simplify its credit card options and match them to the shifting demands of its clients. Axis Bank aims to find a balance between preserving competition and guaranteeing the sustainability of its credit card programme by changing the incentives and privileges linked to these cards.

Devalued Credit Cards and Their Impact

Impact of Devalued Credit Cards

The value of the following five credit cards from Axis Bank has decreased -

1. Credit Card from Axis Bank Buzz
2. Credit Card from Axis Bank Neo
3. Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card
4. Credit Card from Axis Bank Magnus
5. Credit Card from Axis Bank Vistara

These credit cards have lost value, which means that the rewards, cashback, and other perks that were once attached to them may change significantly. The earning rates, redemption possibilities, and requirements for certain rewards and offers will change for cardholders.

Rewards and Benefits Revisions

Axis Bank has introduced updated rewards and bonuses to conform to the new structure in light of the devaluation of the credit cards. Among the most significant modifications are -

1. Earning Rates

The earning rates for cashback or reward points on various shopping categories have changed. To comprehend the influence on their upcoming purchasing habits, cardholders may need to check the altered earning rates.

2. Redemption Options

The ways in which reward points can be redeemed may have changed. The revamped redemption catalogue and new opportunities for using accumulated rewards should be explored by cardholders.

3. Welcome Offers

The sign-up incentives and welcome offers for the discounted credit cards may be changed. The amended offers should be carefully analysed by new applicants to determine their worth.

4. Travel Benefits

If the devalued credit cards provide travel perks like lounge access or air miles, the changed structure might require adjustments to qualifying requirements, constraints, or joint ventures.

Cardholders must carefully examine the modified rewards and advantages to determine how they may affect their own financial objectives and preferences.

Recommendations and Alternatives

Cardholders may find it advantageous to investigate alternative credit card options that better suit their needs and provide equivalent points and advantages in light of the devaluation of these credit cards

Here are some suggestions to think about -

1. Axis Bank Select Credit Card

This credit card provides privileged advantages and rewards designed for heavy spenders. It offers enticing cashback promotions, access to airport lounges, and specialised concierge services.

2. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

This card focuses on travel perks and provides access to airport lounges, air miles, and tempting redemption choices. It is a good substitute for people who travel frequently.

3. SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

This credit card is a great option for frequent online shoppers if online shopping is your main spending category because it gives accelerated rewards on e-commerce purchases.

To make an informed choice, it is advised to carefully examine the features, benefits, and costs of several credit cards before submitting an application.

In charge of the transition

In order to reduce any inconvenience the devaluation may create, it is crucial for cardholders to manage the transition well. Here are a few recommendations to consider-

1. Review Communication

Follow Axis Bank's official devaluation communication to stay informed. To learn about the precise changes and timescales, keep an eye out for emails, SMS alerts, or notifications on the bank's website or mobile app.

2. Make the most of Current Benefits

Make the most of your Current Rewards, Cashback, or Benefits Associated with the Devalued Credit Cards before the Devaluation goes into Effect. To guarantee that your accrued incentives are fully utilised, redeem them within the allotted time frames.

3. Consider Retention Offers

In certain instances, banks may extend retention offers to cardholders who were negatively impacted by the devaluation. Examine the offerings made by Axis Bank to see if they are sufficient to cover the modifications and meet your needs.

4. Examine Upgrade Options

If possible, look into switching to a higher-tier credit card from Axis Bank's lineup or to another credit card that better suits your needs.

You can make the most of the updated credit card advantages and ensure a seamless transition by taking early measures to manage the changeover.


The points and bonuses attached to five credit cards have undergone major adjustments as a result of Axis Bank's decision to reduce their value. 

It is essential for cardholders to stay up to date on the changes, go over the updated perks and advantages, and look into alternative credit card options if needed. 

You may continue to use credit cards wisely and get the most out of your rewards by managing the change carefully and making wise decisions.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will all of my current rewards and bonuses be lost?

Ans - No, you won't lose any of your current benefits and incentives. The earning rates, redemption alternatives, or eligibility requirements could, however, change.

Q2. Can I use my depreciated credit card any longer?

Ans - You can still use your depreciated credit card, yes. To determine if the updated incentives and advantages still match your preferences, it is advised to review them.

Q3. Are there any fees related to the credit card changes?

Ans - Any adjustments to fees will be disclosed by Axis Bank along with the devaluation. To understand the effect on fees, if any, refer to the official communication.

Q4. How can I apply for a different type of credit card? 

Ans - Visit the website of the relevant bank, go to the credit cards area, and follow the application instructions to apply for a different credit card. Review the eligibility conditions and paperwork specifications carefully.

Q5. Can I transfer my reward points to another Axis Bank credit card without losing them?

Ans - Options to transfer your reward points from the devalued credit card to another credit card in Axis Bank's portfolio may be available. For further details, consult the official announcement or get in touch with Axis Bank's customer service.


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